Back On The Road

It finally looks like I’m back.

This morning I ran, well, jogged, a whole 3 kilometres. It was at an almost six minute pace and even given the humidity and heat I still felt it when I stopped, but I did it.

The best thing though? Given how my foot seems to have pulled up I should be able to do it again tomorrow.

It’s been a horrid four months. It started off when I popped my hip flexor way back at the end of August. This had me laid up for two months which was just enough time for me to recover and get an infection in my toe. Great. This lasted a couple of weeks but oddly enough my foot didn’t seem any better and I still couldn’t run so I went to the physio again and it turned out the hip flexor and infected toe were masking a pretty severe case of planter fasciatis, It was back off my feet again. The inflamation from the planter fasciatis spread to where my calf muscle connects at the ankle and this put me back a little more.

So, after months of stretching, icing and putting on weight I seem to have recovered from the shopping list of ills and my physio says I can start running again. Slowly and short distances at first, and he has suggested I concentrate more on endurance than speed in the future, but I’m back and I don’t want to go through this again.

To The Beach

I’m not a beach person. As a young boy I’d spend our two week vacation, at a house literally on the beach, upstairs reading a book. But then you have days like today; a perfect evening, two kids who have been great and deserve a treat, Rae out to the movies and a busy day that could do with a relaxing ending. All of this adds up to fish and chips by the beach so we packed up and headed to Altona.

We had fish and chips in the park, the kids had a run around on the big playground and we went for a stroll out on the pier. You couldn’t have asked for a better evening

Altona beach looking towards the city.


The pier at Altona beach.

The playground at Altona beach.

Back to A ‘Driod

For most of last year I had two Windows Mobile phones (both running the Win 10 Mobile preview) and I loved them. Unfortunately one of them (the 640xl, my personal phone) developed a screen burn so I had to take it back. The good news is that it was a straight swap, the bad news was thanks to bad timing with model releases there were no 640xl’s to be had anywhere in Vic.

So I swapped back to Android, a Samsung Galasy 5S.

I’ve had the droid for a week now and here’s my quick summary :

  • Windows Mobile OS is a far better OS.
  • I miss the battery life on the XL. That thing could go all day and still have 70% left.
  • Samsung Touch Wiz interface is incredibly annoying.
  • It’s all about the apps. No matter how much better the OS is,  Android just cricifies WIn Mobile when it comes to quality and availablilty. I now have all of my banking apps back (I had no ANZ on Win Mobile) but it’s the quality of the apps that makes the difference. Android apps make Win mobile apps look like kid toys.
  • Microsoft have the right approach in making their apps available on all platforms.
  • My ideal world would be one where I could run Android apps on the WIndows OS, but with the abandonment of the Win-Droid bridge that’s never going to happen.

Here We Go Again

Back to work for 2016.

My work desk.

It will be challenging for the next few weeks as the kids are at home and Rae is back to work. Rae normally takes the first couple of weeks of Jan off but work comittments means there won’t be many holidays at all for her until October. The worse thing is I wish I could spend more time with them while they are home but January, which was once the quietest time of the year for me, has now turned in to one of the busiest. I’ll do my best to fit in some visits to parks and fun stuff, and no doubt feel guilty that I didn’t do more when I send them back to school. Just one of the joys of a working from home parent.

A Little Bit Of Malloy History

This is a little bit of Malloy history.

A paper dispenser made of steel and wood.

My dad ran a stationery shop for over 20 years, Ted Malloy Office and Art Supplies (55 High St, Shepparton, and bugger, I can’t remember the number; that’s going to annoy me). Anyway, underneath the glass topped counter was a space and this device lived there. It held a large roll of brown paper that was used to wrap goods.

It lived at my sisters for a while and a while ago it moved here. We’ve repurposed it for the kids who can now grab drawing paper whenever they want.

I bet dad never thought that 40+ years after it was first used it would be still going strong.

The Outdoor Indoor Cat

When Frankie chose us as her new family back in April we were happy as her colourings meant she’d make a perfect outdoor cat. So we brought her home, settled her in and after a while opened the back door so she could explore. Which she point blank refused to do and it didn’t take us long to realise that in Frankie’s mind, she’s very much an indoor cat.

So it was with great excitement today I saw her sitting at the front door, checking out a bird hopping around our drive. I opened the door, expecting her to run back to Moo’s bed but this time, no, she decided she would have a sniff around ouitside. It was only for five minutes, and she never strayed far from the front door but it was quite the adventure for her.

She’s back on Moo’s bed now, and should recover from her exertions in a week or so.

WP_20151215_09_00_54_Pro (2)

Taking It Laying Down. And Squatting Down. And Repeating.

I still can’t run thanks to this damn planter fasciatis. I’ve kept up my cardio by hopping on the bike at the gym and kept up weights but today I decided I shold prep myself for returning to running, whenever that may come. I was going to talk to a trainer about doing a core session ‘cause it’s an area I neglect and one that’s important for runners but then I realised I know enough about the gym and I have other resources.

I remembered seeing a 20 minute core workout for runners on Runners World the other day so I’ve made that in to a Sway and it will be my guide tomorrow.

Here’s what I’ll be doing.

A Case of FFFW

I’m a freelancer, and most of my client base are in Sydney so every time around this year I begin to suffer from FFFW – Freelance Festive Festivity Withdrawal. My social media feeds are full of people attending work do’s and skiving off early for a beer or two with workmates, suppliers or clients.

It gets you down after a bit so today I took myself out to lunch. Okay, it was a working lunch and a quick one at that but at least I got out of the office for a bit.


What Kids Say

I went to visit Moo in her classroom today, it’s always fun to be greeted with cries of “Hi Kennedy’s dad” and then have 20 kids yell “Kennedy, your dad is here!”.

Two things gave me pause this afternoon though.

The first was a young boy who was busting to talk. We began chatting and he told me ‘I do drawing at dad’s house. He doesn’t live with us any more, and that’s okay.’. The look on his face told me he thought otherwise.

The second one I couldn’t believe. Moo has a friend in her community, they are both 8. Part of the presentation they did was to list their goals. This friend, a perfect little girl, had the goal ‘to lose weight’. At 8. I was speechless.