Back On The Road

It finally looks like I’m back.

This morning I ran, well, jogged, a whole 3 kilometres. It was at an almost six minute pace and even given the humidity and heat I still felt it when I stopped, but I did it.

The best thing though? Given how my foot seems to have pulled up I should be able to do it again tomorrow.

It’s been a horrid four months. It started off when I popped my hip flexor way back at the end of August. This had me laid up for two months which was just enough time for me to recover and get an infection in my toe. Great. This lasted a couple of weeks but oddly enough my foot didn’t seem any better and I still couldn’t run so I went to the physio again and it turned out the hip flexor and infected toe were masking a pretty severe case of planter fasciatis, It was back off my feet again. The inflamation from the planter fasciatis spread to where my calf muscle connects at the ankle and this put me back a little more.

So, after months of stretching, icing and putting on weight I seem to have recovered from the shopping list of ills and my physio says I can start running again. Slowly and short distances at first, and he has suggested I concentrate more on endurance than speed in the future, but I’m back and I don’t want to go through this again.

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