Back to A ‘Driod

For most of last year I had two Windows Mobile phones (both running the Win 10 Mobile preview) and I loved them. Unfortunately one of them (the 640xl, my personal phone) developed a screen burn so I had to take it back. The good news is that it was a straight swap, the bad news was thanks to bad timing with model releases there were no 640xl’s to be had anywhere in Vic.

So I swapped back to Android, a Samsung Galasy 5S.

I’ve had the droid for a week now and here’s my quick summary :

  • Windows Mobile OS is a far better OS.
  • I miss the battery life on the XL. That thing could go all day and still have 70% left.
  • Samsung Touch Wiz interface is incredibly annoying.
  • It’s all about the apps. No matter how much better the OS is,  Android just cricifies WIn Mobile when it comes to quality and availablilty. I now have all of my banking apps back (I had no ANZ on Win Mobile) but it’s the quality of the apps that makes the difference. Android apps make Win mobile apps look like kid toys.
  • Microsoft have the right approach in making their apps available on all platforms.
  • My ideal world would be one where I could run Android apps on the WIndows OS, but with the abandonment of the Win-Droid bridge that’s never going to happen.

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