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  1. The change is astounding, Tony. I never thought you were overweight (just my slightly warped sense of what I consider overweight and not overweight which I guess will never change) and it never EVER fails to amaze me every time I see you and Rae and how fit you both look.

    The biggest thrill I got personally was seeing the hollows in my collar bones without having to twist in stupid ways to see them. And having a waist. The waist is cool too. LOL 25kg to go… ugh. Just keep swimming…

  2. Hey Tony – you are all kinds of awesome (and Rae too…) How great to be able to look back and have concrete evidence of what you’ve achieved!! It’s an inspiring post – I’m feeling more inclined to try and tackle my small aim…just walking for 30min each morning. Congratulations!!

  3. That’s a fantastic effort, Tony. Thanks for the honest account and, if my running efforts helped even a little, that’s terrific. For what it’s worth, you have helped me stay on track in my current efforts to get down to a healthy weight.

    I certainly agree that it used to all just seem too hard, but now I am determined not to fall back in to overeating. I know it’s a real risk since I lost twenty five kilos and then put it all back on.

    MyFitnessPal has certainly been a great help this time and my plan is to keep using it even after I have lost the final eight miles. For me, I am certain that I need to be mindful of my eating and honest with myself, and I find MyFitnessPal good for both.

    Again, great work. You look terrific.

  4. You look amazing. More importantly, you are the picture of health. Just think what a positive influence you and Rae are having on the kids. Well done !

  5. I, too am very proud of you (and Rae) for your commitment to this “keeping fit and staying healthy” campaign, You have done a wonderful job in sticking to your plans and with your determination and support from Rae (and Ren) have made it happen, keep up the good work – you look fantastic, hard to believe when you compare those photos. A rather remarkable achievement and I can see you have every intention of keeping that way. Peter said to pass on that your determination is something you can be proud of and he understands the willpower required you are exercising in continuing your programme – Congratulations from us both. You look amazing

  6. You and Rae both look amazing Tony. An added benefit is h example you are setting for your children. Hopefully they start out on a better foot .

  7. That’s a very inspirational story Anthony, it’s a privilege to have you as a member of Jetts Derrimut. To see what you have achieved over the last 12 months has been remarkable and it’s great to play a small part in your journey to a better life! It’s amazing what one can achieve with a little bit of support and a ‘I’m not giving up attitude’. We can now say you are officially a gym junkie for life! Well done.

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