My Tweets For The Week

  • Ceremony on @abcdigmusic . #
  • Ouch. Quick glance at the bank balance tells me holidays are over. #
  • Hail is deafening on the deck roof. #
  • Offering very short odds that Rae will get here way and the heater will be on before the night is out. #
  • And the heater is on. #
  • An American and an Englishman both tipped higher than me last weekend. Neither has seen a game. Sigh. #
  • National Geographic turned up today – Titanic issue, looks interesting. #
  • Just had to look up what my own business land-line number is, can't remember the last time someone asked for it. #
  • Chooks! #
  • Brethalysed on the way home from Veronica and Steve's First time in 15 years. #
  • Argh, wasted hours looking at why dates didn't validate using jQuery only to find out it's an issue only for Chrome. #
  • Finally got the opportunity to correct the resolution on the PC monitors at gym. Once I can set the aspect rations on the tv's I can quit. #
  • Guy around the corner using a clapped out 70s vintage Victa to mow weeds as high as his waist. #
  • I Moved Office Today #
  • Happiness Has A Colour, And It Is Pink #
  • Maple syrup and hockey, thank you Canada. #
  • Elvis Costello on Sesame Street. #
  • For Rae #
  • Can't decide if I should have a 'rest' day from the gym or go do half an hour on the treadmill this afternoon. Been every day for 2 weeks #
  • Such a hard game for a Tiger supporter to watch, can't be happy no matter what the result. #
  • Wonder if Eddie regrets deleting Mick's phone number right about now. #
  • Great. An old hotmail account, not used in over a decade was compromised overnight and spammed everyone in the address book. #
  • Dusty Bert #
  • Moo Moo Jack #
  • What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! #gotiges #
  • And for my wife, #Godogs #
  • We're above the pies on the ladder. Stop the season now! #
  • This is madness. Missed the gym today so now I'm about to try some pushups. I must be going insane #
  • Oh God . I just finished a movie and switched over to the Doggies v Saints game. #
  • Henry tucking in #
  • Just called Etihad 'Telstra Dome'. I need a nap. #
  • Is there any better sound than of Lego being stirred in a tub while searching for the piece you need? #
  • Sunday afternoon relaxing and reading National Geographic. #iamanerdandiamold #
  • Sunday afternoon treat. #
  • What have I done? Not only can Rae now spot the diff btw HD and SD she is also complaining about the SD quality download from Foxtel. #
  • Wondering how long ago I removed the ethernet cable from the Foxtel box…. #
  • Wow. @Richmond_FC are now above Collingwood and Geelong! #gotiges #

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