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Hacked By Shade
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Uncle Geoff’s Cheque

Every year in my childhood, as regular as clockwork, come June 4 a cheque would arrive in the mail. It would always be for $10 and it came from my Uncle Geoff in far away Sydney.  You could set your sundial by that piece of paper. A couple of weeks ago Helen and I were talking about this and she rightly corrected my thinking that it had been for $5.

Today I found what would have been cheque #20. I have no idea why I didn’t cash it, $10 would have been handy in those student days, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Uncle Geoff Check


I love that there’s still some history left in Yarraville.

Old building in Yarraville.

Milkbar in Yarraville

Sun Theatre, Yarraville

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h1>8 tips on how to conclude your essay

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Keep your conclusion short

The end of an essay needs to be short but well-written. When the readers are approached at the end of an essay, they have already accumulated all the data, facts, opinions and research being presented in the main body. Thus, the conclusion has to be short and just wrap up the whole argument in the main body.

Connect with readers

The connection with the readers is vital in an effective conclusion. When the readers have read all the data being presented in the main body of the essay, it is important to connect with them in the conclusion. Try to deliver your message straight forwardly to the audience in the end.

No images

It is highly recommended not to put any pictures in the conclusion. There is no need of making a conclusion visual, it only needs to contain powerful words, while images may make it lengthy, which is not ideal for a strong finale.


At the end of the essay, the writers can personally suggest something to the readers they consider worth sharing after all the research being done throughout writing the essay. There could be some disclaimers which could send the right message or communicate the central intention of the writer.


The last part of an essay needs to summarize the whole essay. It is not necessary to talk in detail about the whole essay in the end, but it is suggested that the writer touches upon important points of the essay. A quick summary of the essay is refreshing for the readers as in the majority of cases, the conclusion remains in your mind even if you have read an essay or an article days ago.

Future steps

A good conclusion needs to guide the reader about what to read or what to do next. Good writers let the readers crave for something more, which makes the research process and accumulation of knowledge go further.


Asking questions is a great way to end an essay because questions need a response from the readers. In this way, the readers would think about the essay for a while and that is a success for any writer to make the readers think.

Real life events

Another way to end an essay effectively is to relate the topic or your opinion with a real-life event in the conclusion. It could be a historical event that could help the readers understand the importance of what the writer is trying to convey.

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Weekend Snaps

Hello world!


Today mum would have turned 78. She probably would have celebrated with a round of golf. I would have called her and she would have complained that she didn’t like this getting old idea.

This is the last photo I took of mum, it was just another snap at her kitchen table, surrounded by grand kids and family.


2016 Begins Tonight

Here we go again.

Moo and I are off to round 1 tonight. It’s Moo’s first night game so she’s a bit excited, although that’s probably just at the thought of having chips at half time. Not that I’m confident though as the Tigers seem to have gone out of their way to make sure our essential players are injured, but, well, what can you do?

Go Tiges!

DSC_0002 4


I reckon that a lot of these leaves will be gone by Easter.

DSC_0055 1

Deck Day 2016


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