So That’s What I Look Like

I am so blind I can barely see past the end of my nose without my glasses. This means I have no idea what I look like without them.

Well today, thanks to photos for a new passport, I got to find out.

Apparently this is me.

Me with no glasses.

The Gap At The Top Of The Microwave

I love Oddfellow Peppermints, have for literally decades. Over the past few months they had become impossible to find so I eventually messaged Allens to confirm the inevitable.

Yes, they have been discontinued in Australia.

Now it may seem like a strange thing to be be upset about but Rae knows me, and why, and my wonderful wife ordered me some packets made in New Zealand. The thing she knows is that I associate them with mum. I introduced mum to them a while back and she loved them as much as I did, but one a day, generally when she and Peter would go for their evening walk. She would collect two from where she kept them in their packet in the kitchen and off they would go. And I always knew where I could find one, or two, or three, when we stayed.

Now one more connection with mum has gone and I feel I’ve lost her a little more, in the gap at the top of the microwave.


So, how can you tell you’ve arrived home to Melbourne?

Well, you’re taxiing to the gate and the pilot announces you can now activate your phones. Ten seconds later the guy behind you says “Yes, Tigers are up by 30.”.

I do love Melbourne.

Henry Ate My Lunch

Last night I made stir fry, always a favourite with the kids. As Rae was out there was a good serve left over for my lunch today. Well, until Henry struck. We’d all finished and I was siting down relaxing when Mr H walked in and asked if he could have some more.

Sure, why not, there was heaps left and he wouldn’t eat that much.

How wrong I was.

The skinniest boy alive wolfed down a second adult sized serve, and followed that up with sweets. I honestly have no idea where he puts it and now I’m stuck with a toasted sandwich for lunch again. I dread to think what our food bill will be when they all hit their teens.



Winter Coat

It’s that time of the year again, perfect conditions for me to get up early to give  the deck its winter coat.

This year it is wearing Cabots Natural Deck Oil (Natural).

Freshly oiled deck.

Two Sides

It’s been an odd week.

A few days ago I gained a new client. The feedback that I got from him was that they hired me because I offered a custom solution and asked lots of questions to make sure the solution was what they needed.

Today I lost a client. Why? Because I offer a custom solution and asked lots of questions to make sure the solution was what they needed.

Working life is odd at times.

Uncle Geoff’s Cheque

Every year in my childhood, as regular as clockwork, come June 4 a cheque would arrive in the mail. It would always be for $10 and it came from my Uncle Geoff in far away Sydney.  You could set your sundial by that piece of paper. A couple of weeks ago Helen and I were talking about this and she rightly corrected my thinking that it had been for $5.

Today I found what would have been cheque #20. I have no idea why I didn’t cash it, $10 would have been handy in those student days, but I’m glad I didn’t.

Uncle Geoff Check


I’m feeling very odd. It’s 3.00 and I’m sitting at my desk. For the past five and half years if I’ve been home at this time I’ve been sitting outside the school waiting to pick the kids up.

But not today.

They are walking home together without me for the first time.

And, of course I am not making the most of this by working. I’m sitting here, stressing and counting down the minutes until they stroll up the driveway, most likely arguing.