The Gap At The Top Of The Microwave

I love Oddfellow Peppermints, have for literally decades. Over the past few months they had become impossible to find so I eventually messaged Allens to confirm the inevitable.

Yes, they have been discontinued in Australia.

Now it may seem like a strange thing to be be upset about but Rae knows me, and why, and my wonderful wife ordered me some packets made in New Zealand. The thing she knows is that I associate them with mum. I introduced mum to them a while back and she loved them as much as I did, but one a day, generally when she and Peter would go for their evening walk. She would collect two from where she kept them in their packet in the kitchen and off they would go. And I always knew where I could find one, or two, or three, when we stayed.

Now one more connection with mum has gone and I feel I’ve lost her a little more, in the gap at the top of the microwave.

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