It Gets Harder As You Get Older


About this time last year I took a look at myself and realised the COVID years had not been good. So much time at home, poor diet, just getting by, it had all had an impact.

So I ran.

I hadn’t run in years. I started with C25K again, bought some new shoes and it was great – I had forgotten just how good I felt when running and got in to the habit once more. And then I tripped. Totally my fault, looking at my phone I stumbled over a tiny lip in the footpath. The fall was enough to crack a rib (and I think it’s done some damage to my wrist and shoulder, but, hey, one disaster at a time). This put me out of action for six weeks or so.

After taking a couple of more weeks off I decided it was time to put the shoes back on, so packed running gear for a weekend I was taking Henry to a baseball competition in Wangaratta with the plan to run the morning after we arrived.

That night I tripped (I sense a theme) over his playing kit in the dark. No ribs were broken but I did tear the valor pate in my ring finger. The tendon that is designed not to rip. Trust me, it hurts and two months later is still red and swollen. And the baseball comp was rained out.

And then four weeks later I got COVID for the second time.

Over this time I’ve drowned my sorrows in lollies, rich food and gin so it’s time, a month after COVID Take 2, to take another look at myself.

This afternoon I couldn’t talk myself out of it any longer so I fired up my trusty C25K app again and I ran.


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