The Outdoor Indoor Cat

When Frankie chose us as her new family back in April we were happy as her colourings meant she’d make a perfect outdoor cat. So we brought her home, settled her in and after a while opened the back door so she could explore. Which she point blank refused to do and it didn’t take us long to realise that in Frankie’s mind, she’s very much an indoor cat.

So it was with great excitement today I saw her sitting at the front door, checking out a bird hopping around our drive. I opened the door, expecting her to run back to Moo’s bed but this time, no, she decided she would have a sniff around ouitside. It was only for five minutes, and she never strayed far from the front door but it was quite the adventure for her.

She’s back on Moo’s bed now, and should recover from her exertions in a week or so.

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