I Always Forget A Face

I’m terrible with faces, absolutely shocking. This hit me, again, yesterday when the coffee lady at the baseball greeted me like a long lost friend. I have no idea if I’ve met her before, she does look sort of familiar, or if she’s just naturally bubbly and friendly. (If you do know me and you’re reading this coffee lady, I’m sorry!). This is the total opposite to my wife who has a Google like ability to place any face she has ever seen, no matter how briefly.

I can be introduced to a person and five minutes later I can struggle to remember them, especially in a social situation where I am meeting multiple people for the first time. Faces all tend to look the same to me, I can’t describe people verbally, and it can take a couple of one-on-one conversations for a person to ‘stick’. Hand in hand with this goes names. No technique has yet improved my ability to remember names, whose retention can last less than a face.

It worries me that I can come across as rude, or vague, but I can assure you, whomever you may be, I;m bot being rude. It really is just me.

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