GP, Doctor Google Or ?

I have a problem. I seem to have damaged my left arm somehow and I’m not sure of the best approach to fixing it. I recently had a steroid injection as my GP thought it was a combination of tennis and golfers elbow and while they fixed up pain in my elbow it revealed that pain was actually masking a bigger problem.

I’ve lost strength in my left arm, there’s a tender spot about half/two thirds of the way up my arm that when pressed makes me want to crumble to my knees and when I try to lift or push anything in a particular way I get pain, or more like severe discomfort, in my forearm and upper arm. My arm also feels ‘warm’ a lot of the time.

Now I’d normally go to my GP but in this instance I don’t have much faith in him as he seems to have little or no knowledge of sports injuries. Dr Google is leading me towards a torn bicep but I want to know for sure. Can anyone point me in the direction of which particular health professional can help me best?

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