It’s Been An Age

Big change today. After 20 or so years of wandering out the door to pick up The Age off the driveway and fighting the plastic wrap I no longer have to freeze my feet off in winter.

I’ve gone digital Monday to Friday with the paper version thrown in as a bonus by the Age on the weekends.

I never thought I’d see the day I’d willingly give up my paper edition but times change, even for the most stubborn of us. The way I get my news has changed. I realised I was only scanning the paper in the morning, there’s always something to do when wrangling three kids to school, and I actually picked up most things I wanted to read online during the day.

I also updated some technology recently, moving to a 10.1” tablet (why, it;’s a Galaxy Tab 3, and it’s fantastic, thank you for asking) instead of a laptop for business meetings and this is a great form factor for reading The Age app in the morning. It seems most of the content is the same across the delivery mechanisms so I don’t miss out there and on a recent trip to Sydney I could still read my paper over breakfast.

And then there’s the cost. I think it was $40 a month for paper delivery and online access. Online/tablet access and the weekend paper is only $25 a month. It’s only $15 but given I skim the paper version it’s worth the savings.

I’ll miss the Green Guide ads and the inserts such as the melbourne magazine but this is the way of now so I may as well get on board.

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