That Sort Of Start To The Day

Ah, love days and weeks that start like this.

Start my jog at 6.00 this morning, cold but dry. Two kilometre mark I run in to rain. Serious, serious rain. This keeps up until I’m almost back at home where it’s perfectly dry.

Boys sleep in to 8, which means a rushed morning. Moo starts screaming at 8.05 that she hasn’t got any school clothes – 20 minutes later we discover the school dress hanging in her cupboard.

At which time Bert tells me has no long pants.

And then Henry walks up with no top on. “Dad, I haven’t got any shirts.”. I spend the next 10  minutes drying a shirt with Rae’s hair dryer.

Lesson 1 – don’t trust Moo looking for clothes.

Lesson 2 – get back in to the swing of last year and get clothes organised the night before.

Lesson 3 – maybe lighten up the anti-clothes dryer stance.

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