I was out on my jog this morning, just near the end of the second kilometre when a car cruised by. The guy in the passenger seat pointed his arm out he window and yelled “you’re a fool mate, a fool!”. Okay, it was just after six on a Sunday morning so he may have had a point but, really? What on earth would make a person feel they should yell that out the windows at someone. Maybe he meant to say “well done on getting up so early a Sunday morning to make something better of yourself” but it got muddled up on the way out,

A little later I rounded a corner to see some Young People clogging the footpath as they walked in front of me. I jogged out on the road to pass them and as I drew near one turned around and said “geez, I wonder who had started running”. I smiled and said “just this idiot”. They all laughed and one kindly offered me a can of scotch and coke to help me on my way.

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