Crutches have made their way back in to our house and for once they’re not for me.

Poor Rae has been struggling with walking and jogging since our visit to Shepp just after Christmas. We initially thought it was a muscle strain, then possibly a tear but after a few weeks it just wasn’t getting better.  I was doing some work with a rheumatologist client of mine and happened to mention it to him. He was instantly intrigued; a young, fit woman shouldn’t have had the symptoms I described. He advised Rae to get an MRI immediately, as in go and get one now.

Thankfully I had that conversation as the MRI revealed Rae has a ‘considerable bone marrow oedema along the undersurface of the neck of the femur’. Basically she’s one bad stumble away from snapping the neck of her femur as the marrow is significantly weakened. She has to see an ortho, hopefully we can get an appointment early in the week. but my rheumo mate thinks we have got it in time.

For now she is using crutches to get around – there can be not weight at all put on her left foot. It’s frustrating for Rae as her exercise was going great guns and she was enjoying the changes it was bringing. It looks like she’ll be spending a lot of time on the couch over the next few weeks and we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other than we are accustomed to, if only it was under better circumstances.

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