Wake Up

I received my phone bill yesterday. Yes, we still have a fixed line coming in to the house because at the time we moved we could only get an internet connection with a fixed line. We could go naked adsl now but that would involve disconnecting our number and waiting for a port to become available and when your very livelihood depends upon being connected to the net that’s not really an option.

Any way….the bill.

There was a second sheet with an announcement that Telstra were discontinuing their wake up and reminder service, The fact that the date had already passed 10 days before they sent the bill tells you just how many people must have still been using it. I have very, very vague memories of dad booking a call once but why I have no idea – even back in the early 80s it seemed an an odd thing to do.

I remember other phone services in the phone book. Dial a Prayer was one, Dial The Weather and there was Dial A Song where you could ring a number to listen to a song. I never did ring any but each year I’d check the numbers to see what new services had been added, and this was in the days before premium call rates were introduced.

So now I can’t get a phone call to wake me up I wonder what I’ll do if ever I’m stuck somewhere without an alarm clock. I guess I’ll just have to use my phone.

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  1. yup, we used the wakeup call feature too in the early-80s. I don’t know why. Dial the weather (1196 – does it still work?) and time (1194) made a little more sense in the days before interwebs.

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