My Tweets For The Week

  • Rae bravely taking the four kids to the show while I work. Perfect day for sugar highs. #
  • New pb, just jogged for 25 minutes. #
  • Need to employ someone to stand behind me and poke me everytime I hunch up over my desk. #sorelowerback #
  • Oh great, a bee swarm in our garden. #
  • Anybody know where I put the charger for my camera battery? #
  • Bees have now gone thanks to Chapman Apiaries #
  • Bees are back looking for their queen. Another day to stay inside. #
  • So, putting those bright yellow flowers in pots next to the front door may not have been such a good idea. #attackofthebeescontinues #
  • Last swipe-only debit card expired but no replacement. Who needs groceries… #
  • Fantastic day off spent with Rae. Movies, lunch out, ice creams by the bay and to top it off a bbq with great company. Couldn't ask for more #
  • 2 hours spent in the deepest darkest recess of NIC configuration only to find the the #$#@! cable was the problem. Idiot. #
  • Never thought I'd hear the phrase 'it's Sheena Easton on 6 Music'…. @BBCChrisHawkins #
  • Best way to keeps the kids quite is to slip them a tablet.
    10.1" Android tablet that is. #
  • I get to take someone to the @astor_theatre for their first time today. Can't wait. #
  • Thank you @astor_theatre , Lawrence Of Arabia was spectacular. #
  • Given I've only just woken up I think I'll give myself a day off pretty much everything today. #
  • Wow, can't believe they won. Go team! #coversthepasttwoweeks #
  • Love daylight savings but it's hell getting the kids to sleep #

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