My Tweets For The Week

  • Was nice to be able to drive Rae all the way in to work this morning. #
  • Peak hour at the park. #
  • Farmer wants a peck on the cheek. #channel9cuts @rhettrospective #
  • Moo has taken to calling her brother's 'pea brains' when she's in a grump. I know I should stop her, but…. #
  • Slight win – our smart meter doesn't have to be replaced as part of the solar power sage. #
  • Is there any way to see the Grand Final live in HD in Melbourne or are we stuck with VHS quality? @7NewsMelbourne #
  • Who turned out the lights? It's like night time here all of a sudden. #
  • Last time I trust weather forecasters, off to get a gas refill for the bag. #
  • Channel 7 cut off Paul Kelly! #unaustralian #thismeanswar #
  • Another great grand final day, thanks everyone. #
  • Not difficult to tell the kids had a big day yesterday and nowhere near enough sleep last night… #
  • Boys obsessed with minecraft. #
  • Lemonade scones with jam and cream. Off the wagon for a weekend. #
  • Primal Scream in December – anybody wanna come along? #
  • Matt Smith has really become the Doctor in this season; five fantastic episodes and now the long wait for the Christmas special. #

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