My Tweets For The Week

  • Gym at 6, kids off to kinder and school and deck and outside setting done all by 10. Now for work. #
  • I can't believe Westpac still make you wait 5 days to clear a cheque, especially one from the RBA. #
  • Nice thing about paying off bills with tax return is that the money budgeted to pay them can now be saved. #
  • At the school. One teacher has taken her class and the white board outside for the afternoon. School sure ain't what it once was. #
  • Second coat for the deck done. Roll on summer. #
  • Just put Win 8 RTM on my laptop. No way it's going anywhere near a desktop. #
  • 1kg to go to get to my goal weight. #
  • Playing with large (to us) sums of money makes me nervous. #
  • Just went outside – that wind is unbelievable, you'd have to yell to be heard over it. Just waiting for roofs to start flying off. #
  • This probably dates me in so many ways but I'm loving the new Pet Shop Boys album. #
  • New Kindles look fantastic. Wish we could order them in Aus. #
  • New Shoes #
  • Bert's in for a surprise when his mum turns up for assembly today. Wish I could see his smile. #
  • First go at making Pad Thai. Definitely won't be the last. Yum. #
  • I'm sure one of the eight kids must be in time, just not sure which one it is. #danceclass #
  • Hoping new sound card sorts out a couple of issues. #
  • Time for dinosaurs on a spaceship with the young ones. #
  • Dinosaurs On A Spaceship – an absolute cracker of an episode, everything Who should be. #
  • Why the A team on a Sunday @7NewsMelbourne ? #

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