My Tweets For The Week

  • Directly outside my cardiologists window is a huge bucket of KFC on a pole. #
  • See, here it is. #
  • Rae out to dinner. Homemade pizza for the kids, steak and salad for me. #nomnomnom #
  • Just looking at the new features for Dreamweaver in CS6 and wondering if good old DW is a mature product already. #
  • No one tell Rae, but I've turned the heater on. #
  • This chicken and sweetcorn soup is making me thirsty. #
  • Two stupid mistakes in 20 minutes, I need to step away for a break. #
  • finished A Night to Remember by Walter Lord #Kindle #
  • Almost ran over three white rabbits driving home along Swann Drive just now. I'm sure that is some form of bad luck. #itswabbitseason #
  • Google Drive or Sky Drive? GDrive launches with an Android app so wins by default. 5GB is a tad on the measly side though. #
  • Kids transfixed by the Tintin movie. #
  • 90000 people and not a sound. #
  • Looks like my Google Drive is ready to play with. #
  • Pulp turned up to 11…what else could I do? #
  • Um, where on earth has today gone? #
  • Just started reading Game Of Thrones. Hope all the names sort themselves out in my head eventually. #
  • Oh dear. Bert has just discovered the network drive that contains all the movies for the media PC. Too smart by half that boy. #
  • Cracker of an episode of The Apprentice UK tonight. More than ever I want to go to Edinburgh. #yeslordsugar #
  • Just commenced a warranty claim with Henley for an issue with our ensuite. Anyone want to have a guess at when it may be resolved? I say 1yr #
  • Coffee machine seal broken. Being the Malloy's we have a back up machine to cover this emergency. #
  • Are Go using a VHS tape to broadcast The Goonies tonight? #
  • When I form a band I'm going to call it 'Captain Stubing's Shorts'. #wastedmorningonthecouch #
  • Rae away tomorrow and my major concern is how I'll get to the gym 'cause I'm at a conference all day. How things change…. #

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