Phone Trouble

No there’s nothing wrong with my new phone – it’s beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with it. The Facebook app even runs okay on it. I’ll be happier still in a month when I can move my account away from Optus and start saving even more.

The trouble came when I was playing around with my Contacts. I went to edit Rae’s information and accidently deleted her mobile number. ‘No problem’ you say, ‘just put it back in’. Yes, well, thing is, um, I don’t know her number.

The exchange went a little like this.

“Hon, what’s your mobile number?”

“Your mobile number, I need to put it in my phone ‘cause I accidently deleted it.”

“You don’t know my number?”

“Um, no, when I want to call you I just tap your face.”

“You hit me every time you want to call me?!”

Needless to say I’m making an effort to learn it now.

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