It’s In The Mail

Big week for deliveries this week.

First off I’m waiting on a new pair of glasses. I’m for all intents and purposes blind without my glasses, I have a focal point of about 5cm in front of my nose so I’ve been tempting fate for far too long by only having one set when I am so dependent on them. Rae had great success with Clearly Contacts recently so I’ve ordered myself a back up pair. I’m a bit restricted in the frames I can get given the thickness of my lenses but they should look cool.

Second is a coffee machine, which I wish I hadn’t bought. My old machine gave up the ghost recently – it floods the bench whenever you use it. I found a great deal on Ebay for a replacement and feeling good that all of our major bills had been paid I thought ‘why not?’. Foolish, foolish me.

Over the weekend my phone, my lovely lovely phone, began to play up. It would restart itself instead of turning off, it would not respond to touch, it became almost impossible to turn on, it crashed for an hour when I tried to start Navigator and this afternoon it began to ring but the screen stayed blank. There was no way I could answer the call and now it won’t turn on again. The phone is crucial for my business, it’s the one number everyone has to call me on so I can’t be without one. I also use it a lot for email, calendar and notes for the business too so it’s not something I can be without for too long. I’ve ordered a replacement today which should be here in a few days and while I haven’t spent a fortune I wish I had the coffee machine money to put towards it. Sigh.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have forgotten the expense and will be enjoying my new toys. Until then I reserve the right to mope about the money flowing out the door while I wait for the delivery vans to arrive.

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