My Tweets For The Week

  • Rae back at work, summer break well and truly over now. Sigh. #
  • If my phone/email is anything to go by then Rae isn't the only one returning to work today after summer holidays. #
  • After a meltdown of Chernobyl proportions last night a certain young miss seems to be trying very hard today. #
  • Could be first round of chicken pox OR a very selective insect. Will find out either way this afternoon. #
  • 'For Lease' sign just gone up on the house opposite. Those who know where we live know that's pretty pointless! #
  • At last, a new Wii remote means no more arguments over who has to sit out this round or share. #
  • Can't believe the amount of time I've spent 'fixing' an issue with the media PC audio that no one else would ever have noticed. #
  • Bella has to check the walk in closet every night, just in case…. #
  • Good news for Bert, the chickenpox spots are already fading. Must have been as mild a dose as you can get. #
  • Woo Hoo. Solar panels inspected and turned on last night, already saving money. #
  • Just watched Contagion. Really enjoyed it, even if it did make me feel a little Howard Hughes. #
  • Bugger, forgot to get milk yesterday. Early morning trip to Coles ahead. #
  • Bugger. Car won't start. #
  • Two children for sale. Will accept any offer, or pay you, must pick immediately. #
  • Anyone have a battery charger? Need to put the car battery on one to charge it up. #
  • In Origin Energy phone hell for my sins. #
  • ARGH! Origin Energy have just shuffled through two people back to the end of the queue I started in!!!! #
  • Origin Energy – you are always experiencing periods of high demand so what are you doing about it? #
  • Today just hasn't got properly started. Where's the reset button? #
  • Dead Snow, all sorts of very bloody fun. #
  • New battery for the red car. January is turning in to a very expensive month. #
  • Guy working on his garden with a dingo just up the street has ruptured the gas main. Three impressive vans dealing with it now. #
  • Seem to have been sucked into watching the tennis even though it's past my bed time. #
  • 15 hours on emergency trolley at Western General in Footscray and counting…. #
  • Have suspected Pericarditis, waiting to be admitted. #

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