My Tweets For The Week

  • With an expected max of 40 today is all about the path of least resistance. #
  • Have a sparky booked to do some work which involves crawling around in our roof. Wondering if the heat will mean it's a no go today. #
  • I would just like to thank our evaporative air-conditioner for doing a magnificent job today. It really doesn't get enough credit. #
  • The young ones just watched their first episode of Doctor Who. Bert, especially, was very impressed. #thingsthatmakeageekdadhappy #
  • Turned work PC on for the first time in over a week, now to turn off the out of office. Sigh. Holiday is over. #
  • Listening with great envy to Rae and kids having a great time while sit here writing another stored procedure…. #
  • First work phone call for the year, thought it would have been earlier 🙂 #
  • Max is on the telly. 1999 was not a good year for music. #
  • So hard to work knowing my family is swanning off down to Barwon Heads for a picnic with Nana. #
  • Just had automatic power saving plugs installed. #
  • Can't believe IE just helped me solve a problem. #
  • What on earth did I do before discovering @pastebin #
  • Anyone know where the other white Wii remote has gone? Anyone? #
  • Wife, kids and friends down at Tourqay (No doubt looking at hordes of wildebeest) and I'm here working away. Sigh. #
  • Ooops, that should have been herds of wilderbeest. Sigh. Again. #
  • Crunchy asian salad with added cashews for lunch. I must be ill. #
  • Wondering if the battery on my phone will run out before Origin answer. Done my BAS, finished project, brought in the washing still on hold. #
  • Battery ran out. #
  • Just realised I'm turning in to my old boss. There's pile of notepads and papers beginning to form a wall on my floor. #
  • Just watched Rare Exports, absolutely loved it. #
  • Epic feet dragging as I really don't feel like mowing the lawns. #
  • Lawns done, even managed to fix the whipper snipper so the whole place looks okay. Now to clean my office. #
  • Rae and Moo bowling on the Wii. Still haven't found The Missing White Remote. #
  • Hmmmm. It's vegan and it's tasty. Having huge problems with that. #

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