My Tweets For The Week

  • Multitasking today. As I work I've begun the slow process of ripping our favourite DVDs to the network. #
  • Business and important docs backed up to @crashplan. Hope it's ready for the 50GB of photos now heading its way. #
  • Oh, how I wish I had enabled Undo Send for my Gmail account….sigh. @gmail #
  • Favourite three eps of UK Apprentice – The Interviews, The Scavenger Hunt, Make An Ad. #apprenticeuk #
  • Are @Microsoft time travelling? Copyright notice on the new MSE beta is (c) 2012. #
  • Left over Chinese for lunch…..thanks again Zita! #
  • I can't believe people still do splash screens. #
  • Opened a 1lt tub of lemon survey. I don't think there'll much left to go back in the freezer. #
  • Glad so many of my clients seemed to have marked Dec1 in their calendar to start a major projects. 9 emails in one afternoon, all big jobs. #
  • How on earth did it get to be 1.00pm already!?! #

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