My Tweets For The Week

  • Last night I try to (accidentally) burn the house down, this morning I smash my beside light. Just going to sit in a chair and touch nothing #
  • Mmmm. Cup of tea in the afternoon with my wife. No, we haven't retired, just enjoying her day off. #
  • Had to leave charming company to pick up grumpy teen from work. Sigh. #
  • * smug smile of satisfaction as he pats his 18 month old Android that is still better than the latest iPhone * #
  • No Rain on @BBC6Music @BBCChrisHawkins , can't help but smile. #
  • 6 Music – Sinead O'Connor live with some great tracks, fantastic – thanks @BBCChrisHawkins @ClaireSlevin #
  • Coffee break spent setting up a network extender, as you do… #
  • Just back from trip to the city to pick up poor, sick wife. Bella not happy to have to give up her bed to Rae. #
  • I like minutes from meetings where my name doesn't appear in the Actions box. #
  • Now I see it on the webcam I really want one! #teatowelclub #
  • What's happened to @eztv_it ? #
  • And now Twitter comes back with the tweet it said it couldn't send. Sorry @ClaireSlevin for the double up! #
  • You know the computer problems are bad when The Age lies unopened on the table on a Saturday morning… #
  • Netgear LAN over powerlines rocks. #
  • finished Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin #Kindle #
  • Third of the way through my Rebus marathon @Beathhigh , now on to Let It Bleed. #
  • Waiting in the car for Phee to finish work. #
  • Dear Channel 9, the movie is actually called Misery, not Misey. #epgneedsasubeditor #

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