My Tweets For The Week

  • Poor Bert, such a sick little boy today. #
  • Fingers crossed Bert sleeps through the night, but early to bed just in case. #
  • Sometimes I amaze myself. The depths of my stupidity truly knows no bounds. #
  • I never thought I'd say this but, woh, too much lemon cordial in that one. #
  • Good to have @abcdigmusic as a back up when @BBC6Music is repeating a documentary for the 20 billionth time. #
  • Amazingly productive day, even more so when there's an incredible book sitting by my bed calling out to be finished. #
  • Slow ftp server on this host is sending me around the bend. #
  • Sturdy Concrete Towers #SovietSitcom #
  • Here goes more blood. #
  • Listening to Primal Scream performing Sreamadelica live. I need Rae to go to the footy so I can watch it on the matching Bluray. #
  • Eating at my desk, lucky I'm not employed by BHP #
  • 10 minutes waiting in line at the post office and they had put the card in the wrong p.o box. Grrrr #
  • Any advice on best DVD/Blu-ray ripping software? #
  • North By Northwest on Gem. A good excuse to lie on the couch for a while. #
  • Here comes the crop duster…. #
  • New Doctor Who, HD torrent is up so here we go. #
  • Woo Hoo! Bert just lost his first baby tooth! #
  • Good to see Tigers are doing the annual get-our-hopes-for-next-year thing. #gotiges #
  • Do Re Mi, Man Overboard, on DIG Music. Nice surprise. #
  • Just picked up a Norden ( dirt cheap on Ebay. At last we can all fit comfortably around the table. #

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