My Tweets For The Week

  • When an artist recommends a cover of one of his own songs you know it has to be good. #
  • Love it when a client calls you just to say thank you for making them look good. #
  • Tried to be organised this year and it's paid off. Tax infro all prepared in one hour, including last quarters BAS report. #
  • Rolled the dice on some washing but by the looks of the sky I'm gonna lose. #
  • Bert just used an apostrophe correctly when he wrote "Henry's". he did spell mine "myn" though. Still, I'd count the apostrophe as a win. #
  • Why is that when an @optus rep says 'trust me' I have the exact opposite reaction? #
  • Ripped off, no earth tremor here. #
  • Now that's an old school electrician, he called his apprentice 'The Boy'. Happy to recommend to any one needing a sparky in the west. #
  • Long day ahead. Woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't get a breath. Not a nice feeling. Settled eventually but little sleep. #
  • Hey @metrotrains – why aren't we on Google Maps transit directions? #
  • Say hello to my little duck! #repalceawordinafamousquotewithduck #
  • Two hours later…looks like we'll have a roof over the deck before too long. Very happy Tony and Rae. #
  • Just watched the first quarter, great to see us play with passion. #
  • Really enjoyed the first two eps of Falling Skies. #
  • Looking forward to finally getting to see some @TheMelbourneIce hockey this afternoon, it's been way too long. #
  • I just are held a tub of lemon sorbet. Would gave eaten more but that's all there was. #

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