My Tweets For The Week

  • It's bonus pancake Monday. #
  • It's an outrage. No banana choctops at the @astor_theatre tonight. #
  • Even though they may have run out of banana choctops the @astor_theatre is still the greatest cinema in Melbourne. #
  • Go Canucks! #
  • Wrong paper delivered this morning. Classic example of why we subscribe to The Age. #
  • What a busy morning. Got to honk and wave at gal wearing a Canucks jersey. She smiled back. Obviously neither of us had seen the score. #
  • Just realised that three out of the four us at the movies last night had Android phones. #
  • Just had a book delivered. Yes, a retro paper style book. Had it on pre-order from pre-kinlde days – 26/10/2010. #
  • So nice outside we're walking to pick up Bert today. #
  • Perfect walking weather. So nice not one complaint from the kids. #
  • Red balloon just floating up the driveway….we all float down here. #
  • Ah Canucks, so near but yet so far… #
  • Wow, reports Simon Overland has resigned. #
  • Two old laptop batteries – what's the best way to dispose of them? #
  • Sickens me to see the vision from Vancouver. They are not Canucks. #canucks #vancouver #
  • I've been a @Kogan fan boy for a long time but my latest experience has been a huge turnoff. Faulty product, no emails and no replacement. #
  • The title of my all time favourite book just popped up in a Rebus novel. @beathhigh #Kindle #
  • I hate the feel of corn flour, as bad as cotton wool. #
  • Robby Rotten, will you never learn…. #
  • Go the mighty Tigers! Here's hoping they don't have to catch the bus back. #
  • Lovely wife just made me a cup of tea with lemon. I think I shall keep her. #

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