My Tweets For The Week

  • Dear eyes. Would really appreciate it if you'd try focussing this morning. #
  • No Age this morning. The Age told newsagent to renew subscription. Newsagent cancelled subscription. Sigh. #
  • Chris on 6 Music just asked "have you ever meant anyone you could class as completely normal who has a pet rat?" Hmmmmmm #
  • Today Tonight tonight: dole fraud, crazy fad diet and cheap groceries. All they need is the new miracle bra and they have the TT full house. #
  • Just watched the final episode of Big Love. Wow, what a show. #
  • Twins and I got to drop Rae off at airport this morning, some days it's great working for yourself. #
  • Been a glorious afternoon, sunshine and doors open. More like this please. #
  • Feeling so cold I've cracked open the cup-a-soups. #
  • 1st time ever my Windows 7 BSOD – looks like it may be faulty memory. #
  • Didn't realise The Apprentice UK had started. 3 episodes behind already, but not for long. #
  • Ooops, just realised The Hon Wayne Swan MP would be rightly mad at me. Made appointment with accountant for next week. #jenpleasesaynothing #
  • 8.00 pm on a Friday night. Too early for bed? Discuss (but quietly please our you may wake me up) #
  • Hope I have time for my coffee and croissant before the rapture. #
  • Traffic horrendous trying to get in to the city. Gave up on getting to game and now at home. #
  • finished Hide And Seek by Ian Rankin @beathhigh now on to number 3 #Kindle #
  • Go the MIGHTY Tigers. #

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