My Tweets For The Week

  • can't help – can anyone get on to ? #
  • Thanks for help on the BBC radio page. Still problems here, time for a router reset. #
  • Life so much simpler since I discovered you can drag from the Chrome download status bar straight on to the Dreamweaver file manager. #
  • Why is 13RACV permanently engaged? Surely Jason isn't that popular. RACV #
  • Well, that pause paid off. I was going to suggest I pay $100. He quotes $75. Silence is a wonderful trick taught to me by an old boss. #
  • Rae just asked if it was raining. I said I'd check the radar. She, quite rightly, suggested I just look out the window. #
  • It's Bloody Cold Today (@ Deer Park Station) #
  • May have to turn on the heater, but seems a waste to heat the whole house for just me. #
  • She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge. I only went with her because she looks like you. #pulpmash #
  • I've overdosed on Pulp music and videos today. I want to be Jarvis Cocker. Oh why don't I have just an ounce of cool in my body? #pulp #
  • Everybody, stop listening to @BBCChrisHawkins! We don't want him snatched away to daylight hours. @ClaireSlevin #
  • Paper, scissors, rock makes surprisingly interesting radio. Who would have guessed…. @ClaireSlevin @BBCChrisHawkins @BBC6Music #
  • So why would @Richmond_FC bother emailing my 3 year old and 5 year old asking them for their mobile number. Do many that age have mobiles? #
  • Slow news night on @7NewsMelbourne last night with 'man grows banana tree' and 'ways to keep warm'. Let's see what today brings. #
  • At long last my Saladin Lodge site went live today #
  • 1st alcoholic drink in over a month and my head is spinning. #halfapotscreamer #
  • Missed my tip but don't care! #
  • Pancakes and coffee done. Time to focus on the Divorce Day game this afternoon. Go Tiges! #

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