My Tweets For The Week

  • Tempted to lock the office door and let the kids go Lord Of The Flies today. #
  • Bert on his latest masterpiece : "The Easter bunny is doing poo, but the Easter bunny's poo is jelly beans": #
  • That's one deck oiled, now for breakfast. #
  • Not. Having. A. Good. Day. #
  • Deck needs a second coat but no oil left. Bugger. #
  • Too. Much. Meat. Must. Sleep. Now. #
  • Beginning to panic that @danielbowen won't buy an Android Yes, panic. #
  • Where in Melbourne can I recycle a couple of lap top batteries? #
  • Hi @NearMap Why do you need my phone, address and birth date before I can look at a map? Seems a little over the top. #
  • There's something about Lazy Town that makes it feel really creepy. #
  • Put it off for as long as I can.Time to get some garding done. #
  • Today's gardening music brought to you by @Guy_Garvey and Bob Geldof. #
  • Ubuntu won't let me use my second monitor. Grrrr. #
  • Wow. Bet no ones getting all the tips this round. #
  • First Doctor Who of the season downloading, can't wait to watch it. #
  • GO TIGERS! #
  • Really enjoyed the first episode of the new Who season. #

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