My Tweets For The Week

  • All SP1'd on my desktop, may as well get it done on the lappy now too. #
  • Thanks @kogan for looking in to the problems with BBC streams. Hoping you find a solution quickly, I need my @Inside6music #
  • Sitting on the deck watching two maggies fight over a tv antenna. #
  • Rae just spotted that the babies smile on the ad for Rafters is computer generated. Freaky. #
  • Get up and findBert sitting at the table writing his homework words again. #myboylovesbeingatschool #
  • Sitting doing work in an empty classroom. These table and chairs really are very tiny. #
  • Can't stop playing #
  • Didn't even get a goodbye this morning. Class door was open early, one glimpse of his teacher and off he ran. #
  • If you're using @gmail turn on Smart Labels in Labs. Combined with Priority Inbox they make Gmail indispensable. #
  • Walked to pick up Bert today, I think a snail would have got home before us. #
  • Pancake fail this morning. #kidswillstilleatthemregardless #
  • Today is not a good day to be without a sitter. #
  • Most Friday's are incredibly quiet so why has everyone chosen today to decide to get web site work done? #
  • Dear world, if you hear sudden loud swearing do not be alarmed. I am merely rebuilding my PC and at times it may get tense. #
  • Win 7 up and running. Now it's the hard part, installing all the programs and restoring data. #
  • Mini Tool Partition Wizard – fantastic tool! #
  • So far so good, one minor glitch with partitions but that was fixed. Up next, SP1 then CS5 #
  • Dinner out, on a Saturday night! Oysters followed by Cajun salmon and grilled veggies. Mmmmmmmmmm. #
  • Can't get SQL Server 2008 to install. Only want Manager so it's driving me nuts. May leave it until tomorrow. #
  • SQL Server 2008R2 successfully installed. Now we're back to full functional. #
  • Open the pod bay door HAL… stupid weather. #
  • Watching 'Flying High'. Brings back memories of first seeing it on vhs. #

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