My Tweets For The Week

  • Dear Westpac. The folder name is not the same as the physical path. #yourapidocumentationsucks #
  • Attention @hawkshow and @6MusicSlev . If there's no news today we'll all get moderately annoyed. #
  • Lots of smoke from burn offs in Derrimut. #
  • Faith shaken. Book Depository not the cheapest option for a book I want to buy. #
  • Online price is 60% less than we saw in Borders yesterday. No wonder Borders now has so much non-book stock. #
  • Good luck on your first day my love. #
  • Just trying to get my Tweets going back to Facebook. #
  • And trying again to get Tweets across to Facebook. #
  • As a Tigers supporter I'm accustomed to saying "there's always next year", but I'm generally talking about footy, not summer. #
  • Take your hat off at the table! #mkr #
  • Ugh. Slept, but if feels like I haven't in days. Boys up and playing at 6.00am. Already not a good feeling about today. #
  • Dear Bert's school. Sorry, we'll return the contents of the sandpit tomorrow. #
  • Sad to hear A&R and Aus Borders have gone bust. A&R kept me in Dr Who books as a kid and Borders was amazing when it opened…. #
  • …althought I guess I haven't helped them much in the past couple of years with Book Depository and now the Kindle. #
  • Just realised I accidentally parked in a no standing zone AND opposite a solid unbroken line yesterday. Used up good dose of parking karma. #
  • Overdosing on fizzy cola bottles. My wife bought me a 1kg bag. #
  • We we're never being boring because we were never being trivial. #
  • We're number 1! (@ Werribee Community Centre) #
  • Woo Hoo! We won the trivia night, even with a round of 2 for sport #
  • I swear I just heard a frog croaking in our front yard. #
  • My wife appears to be heating slippers in the microwave. #
  • Cat doesn't actually eat her food, just licks the gravy off. #
  • Coffee and calzone, Sunday breakfast rocks. #
  • Oh dear. it appears Moo has Bieber fever. #
  • Footy on the radio, summer really has ended. #

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