My Tweets For The Week

  • Bert's big day. #
  • Happy Bert. I didn't cry, just exercised my tear ducts a little. #
  • Biggest change – the house sounds so different with just the twins playing together. #
  • Can someone please explain what on earth the new @iinet is about? #
  • And that would be one deliriously happy boy home from his first day at school. #
  • "Greenbay are world champions". World? Give us a break. I guess that makes Collingwood the world champions too, and no one wants that. #
  • A monday night bbq. Novel AND yummy. #
  • In a post @tacobill stupor. So glad my new pyjama pants have elastic. #
  • Bert home today. The house sounds normal again. #
  • Why, of all mornings, would my database connections suddenly go flaky today. #
  • Woo Hoo!! Yellow pages delivery people just rolled up the street and bypassed our house. #
  • School Dad 101 : when you give your son a fruit tub for snack time make sure you also give him a spoon to eat it with. #hungrybert #baddad #
  • It's official, Rae has just left work for the last time. I'm now married to an unemployed layabout. Well done hon! #
  • Wondering if this thumping headache has anything to do with no caffeine today… #
  • One double strength short black later and headache going. Guessing that's not a good thing. #
  • Some of the crap on my bed side table. #
  • Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and men… #
  • Last Day Of The First Week #
  • The award for worst api documentation for a payment gateway goes to……Westpac. #
  • Bert and Dad Time #
  • The End Result #
  • Lotso Lego #
  • Footy's back! Go Tiges! (please, oh, please…) #
  • "Don't expect too much from your Tigers tonight." Le sigh. #
  • Bloody impressed with Tiger cubs to half time, but should be 3 more goals ahead. #gotiges #NABCup #

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