My Tweets For The Week

  • Kennedy still asleep. Funny that. #
  • Network multi-function devices rock. #
  • in all the new job excitement I completely forgot Rae is going out to dinner tonight. Pizza time. #
  • Watching 6PM #
  • Reading the kids The Magic Faraway Tree, they're loving it. #enidblytonrocks #
  • Why is my bed covered in Thomas The Tank Engine stickers? #
  • Catching up on a couple of @HawkShow (and @6MusicSlev ) shows while I work. Public holidays are great for getting work done. #
  • How cool. Bert just came in to the office and asked if we could read more of Alice In Wonderland together. #awesomedadmoment #
  • Sitting around in my new robot covered pyjama pants. Don't judge me, it's a holiday. #
  • Bought the kids a little box of Lego when I was out. Happy Lego building sounds from the lounge room. #
  • My New ' Sleeping Pants' #
  • Dear @hawkshow and @6MusicSlev how do I unhear what I just heard!?!? I need a mental scrubbing brush. #
  • Phone rings, I answer. "Hi Tony, I wonder if would be possible to get a quote for a monument." "It could be, but not from me." #
  • Why am I still hungry after that huge dinner? #
  • Slept in this morning, pancakes are running late. #
  • New Do. Ain't she pretty. #
  • Back from shopping. One of this tiny yet amazingly expensive shops. #
  • Butter Wouldn't Melt… #
  • The opening line from another of my favourite books. #Kindle #
  • Wiping 1TB external HP HD to get rid of its stupid backup program. 'Smart Backup' kills network connection whenever it starts up. Thanks HP. #
  • Why on earth do next door still have their aircon going flat chat, it's beautiful out, open your windows. #

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