We Wii

I went to visit a new client this morning. Rae and I really don’t get to spend too much time together so, as it was a Saturday and for something different, we all went for a drive to Northcote and while I had a chat with the lovely Mary they all went for a walk. After the meeting we walked back to the car and Rae had parked smack bang in front of a Cash Convertors. She suggested we have a look inside so we did.

Bad, yet good, idea.

The first thing I saw was a brand new, still in the box, black Wii. Throw in a Wii Fit, an extra remote and a couple of games and $220 later….

We haven’t invested in a games system since I bought an X-Box almost 8 years ago. Phee would never get any work done and the young ones are just too young but the Wii seems a good fit for them for the next couple of years with it’s simpler game play for young kids. If Phee wants more complex games she can save up for them, which may give her some motivation to help a little and earn some money. In a few years the next generation of consoles should come out and a couple of years after that we may look at updating but until then they can Wii in the lounge all they want.

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