Thanks Origin

Do Not Knock sticker.It’s not often you are surprised (in a good way) by your gas or electricity provider, and it’s even less often that you’re impressed. There was an envelope from Origin in the PO Box today so, as I do with each of their envelopes, I took a deep breath before opening it. To my surprise it wasn’t a bill. It was a letter,

The letter was about feedback they had received from door to door salespeople and how their customers weren’t impressed so they have done something about it. They included three ‘Do Not Knock’ stickers, as released by the Consumer Action Law Centre, that when attached to the front of your house make it illegal for door knockers to, well, knock on your door. There are three stickers, one of which matches our house colour scheme perfectly so we can now look forward to interruption free evenings.

Thanks Origin. Now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d utter.

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