There’s a book store on Chapel St in Windsor, down near the railway station, that has a cat who loves to sleep in the window. The Astor, that magnificent cinema, is made all the more perfect because it has a cat called Marzipan. I’m over the moon that Between Coffees now has an office cat; our very own Bella.

Bella The Office Cat

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to work in a place with a resident cat. Now I work from home I’ve finally got my wish. I noticed that Bell would climb behind the (now gone) second desk and settle down on top of a cardboard box to nap. With the recent redesign of my office there’s now a lovely spot in the window where I can put a cat bed. It took her a day or two to warm to the idea but now, as long as I’m working at my desk, she’ll come in, spend ten minutes tenderising the outer ring and then curl up for a good nap.

Every office needs a cat.

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  1. By my calculations, the Astor cat is about thirty five years old. I suspect there has been more than one. Great that you have a pussy around to keep you company in your lonely times.

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