I was incredibly happy today when we managed to pick up one of Aldi’s mega bargains (no Rob, don’t worry, it’s not beer) this morning. It’s my last birthday present from my 40th, what I’m spending my birthday money on, but it needs some construction so I’ll wait until we Rae builds it before announcing it.

However, that’s not why I’m writing. It;’s a fairly heavy box and a guy who was buying one too asked if I needed a hand. “Thanks mate.” I said, “I’ll just wheel it outside while you deal with yours.” No problem until I had to turn a gentle sloping corner and the box slid off. Bugger, I’ll just lift it back on. So I reached down to pull it up.

That’s when my shoulder went ‘pop’. And that’s when the pain started.

Sigh, it may end up being a very expensive birthday present after all.

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