Like Daughter Like Mother, Like Sons Like Fathers

It’s true, we all become our parents.

Case 1. Moo Moo

When it comes to actors and actresses Rae is a freak. No matter what the disguise they only have to utter one word, Rae will cock her head and two seconds later she’ll know it is. She really is amazing.

This morning Ricky Gervais was on Sesame Street. Bert called out “Dad, the man from Night At The Museum is on television. Moo Moo recognised his voice.”

Case 2. Bert

Two and a half hours on the computer just figuring out how things work. Huge wobbly chucked when it was time to turn it off.

Case 3. Me.

Mum and Dad ate dinner around 6.30 every night, which conflicted with the news on television. Dad would rewind the video tape and record it to watch after dinner, it must have been the thinnest tape in the world after all that use. I was reminded of this the other night after I set up the media pc to automatically record the news every night  because it’s on when we are usually sitting down to dinner.

I wonder what other of Dad’s habits I’ll develop and which of mine I’ll pass on to my kids.

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  1. One day,a ways back, the phone rang and it was my Mom for me. I rolled my eyes and then realized my girls all saw me. I said “I hope you don’t all roll my eyes when I call you.”. They all just laughed, but no one answered. I sometimes wonder what it is I do that makes them crazy. I suppose it is inevitable. Just wait til your kids have kids. Retribution.

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