Wanted : One Shopping Centre

Argh. You know it’s going to be a bad day when, amongst other things, you don’t have enough milk for breakfast, or perhaps more importantly for my coffee. The thing is that for most people this isn’t a problem, pop around to the milk bar and grab some to tide you over before shopping. Great idea but when you live on a new estate there ain’t no such thing as a milk bar which means to go and grab a quick tide-me-over is more like a military operation than a nice stroll. It involves locking up the house, getting three kids inside a car, driving to the supermarket, getting three kids out of the car, traipsing three kids through a supermarket for one container of milk, getting three kids back in to the car, driving home and then finally be I’d able to have breakfast or make a coffee. Thirty minutes minimum.

A shopping centre is being built just a few minutes walk away, but it would have to be the slowest construction of shops on record. So while I wait for them to finish I’m going to have sit here and contemplate having a black tea. As I said, it’s not going to be a good day.

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  1. I think in that situation I would consider keeping a small carton of UHT on standby for emergencies. I don’t like the stuff, but it’s marginally better than having your beverage black.

  2. I do what Daniel suggested – keep a carton of UHT milk on the shelf. It’s marginally better than black tea, agreed. But I sympathize with you with the annoyance of getting the kids in, and out of the van twice and dragging them through the store. Add in the problem of snowsuits in the winter and double the hassle 😛

  3. Have your milk delivered… it is a little more expensive but much easier when you have little kids. We did it for about 3 years just to tide us over….

  4. Hey Mate,
    There is a take away joint in the industrial estate oppisite the new shopping centre… they will have some milk

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