Curse You (+61)3

Grrrrrrr. Looks like 3 have changed the way they display incoming phone numbers on their system. When I was with Optus they used the full number with country code (+61411 etc). When I moved to 3 they didn’t have the +61 and just started the number with 0 so I went through and changed all the phone numbers in my contacts so names would display correctly. A week ago 3 changed their message system and it looks like they changed the numbers then too so this morning I had to sit and go through my contacts again changing them all back. I really need to get a phone I can easily sync with my Google contacts. Anybody need a web site? Will work for an iPhone.

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  1. Veronica, don’t start me on the mysterious fading out of signal – I can be talking to a client and it just vanishes. Drives me spare.

    Daniel, it’s a horrid LG. Next one will hopefully be an Android, or at least back to Nokia.

  2. “Will work for an iPhone”!!! I love it! And if I weren’t in the process of cutting the family budget in half, I’d totally take you up on that! 😀

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