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I think I read too much over Christmas/New Year. I took a couple of weeks off when Rae was home and we both spent a lot of that time with our noses buried in books. Sure, one of mine was a Stephen King epic (which was a lot of fun) but I think I exhausted myself. It’s been a couple of weeks and despite picking up a couple of books from the beside pile I haven’t been able to get in to anything. I’ve ordered a newy from Book Depository but I’ve decided I’ll go back and re-read one of my childhood favourites to get me back in the swing. Roald Dahl’s Danny the Champion Of The World is now resting on top of the clock radio, I think it’s just the tonic I’m after.

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  1. I’ve been chewing through the books I recently bought from BD. Terry Brooks’ “Landover” series is awesome light reading and loads of fun too.

  2. It was his latest, The Dome. Now I’ve a copy of The Stand waiting somewhere in the pile. One day we’ll have enough bookshelves to cope with the piles.

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