Super Power

I’ve just discovered my second superpower. My first is that I can tell exactly how long an item will take to defrost in the microwave just by looking at it. (Okay, sometimes I may be off a bit, but generally it’s not too bad). My new superpower is making cars disappear.

For ages now there’s been a little black car parked up the end of the street, sometimes when we’re coming and going in the family mobile I’ll move the red car up to the parking lots we have at the end of the street. I always parked by this car. One day Rae noticed there were cobwebs on the wheels, then I noticed what looked like weeds growing out of it. A further check of the rego showed it had expired in 2008 and the back seat was stuffed with bags. It obviously hadn’t moved in a very long time.

One phone call to the council, a yellow sticker on the windscreen for a week and then wallah – it’s disappeared. The house next to it has been empty for a while and is now up for rent, I wonder if the tenants did a runner and left their car behind?

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  1. I’d say that microwave vision thing is a super-superpower. I’ve ruined many a pound of hamburger due to my lack of “insight.”

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