Christmas Music

I may just have a new favourite Christmas album.

Up until recently there’s two songs and one album that are Christmas to me. Paul Kelly’s How To Make Gravy is not only one of his best songs but would have to be one of the greatest, if not must unusual, Christmas songs ever. No chorus and written from the perspective of a man in jail it never fails to move me. No matter what time of year I hear it.

Then there’s Bing Crosby’s classic Merry Christmas with Bing Crosby. Instantly I’m a young boy again, this is playing and Dad is singing. Christmas in Killarney still creeps me out for some unknown reason but the album is pure December joy.

Finally a few years ago Beth posted Miaow’s Melancholic Christmas Tune – and I loved it.. It’s on my Faves playlist and makes me smile every time i hear it, love the samples!

But now they have a run for their money.

Yes, A Juniper Creek Christmas is a new album released by The Prophet Roman Grant and celebrates Christmas Juniper Creek style. Only Roman Grant could make ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas make my hair stand on end. So go watch the video and then download your copy and sing along with me, “’tis the season to be poly…”

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  1. Oh my lord….literally. That is brilliant! It may just usurp Myer’s 1995 Spirit of Christmas CD as my #1 Xmas Album of All Time.

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