Schoolin’ Like it’s 1909.

For the third time in a month Phee has just wandered in and informed me she has no school tomorrow. Apparently it was a newsletter ‘some time’. Right, you mean the newsletters of which we’ve seen about two this year? Let’s not get started on that (again). Why, in 2009, isn’t every school publishing news via RSS and publishing a online calendar of school activities that we can subscribe to? It really is a no-brainer isn’t it?

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  1. Daniel, last time I looked the web site didn’t even list the address of the campuses. I know a bit about doing web sites for multi campus institutions and I would have thought this would be a handy bit of information to include. The new primary school that opens in a month hasn’t even hit Google yet. Sigh.

  2. But surely all you need is an evening with WordPress for Dummies?. And what is SEM anyway, is it the new 4×4 hybrid from AUDI?.

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