Signs On The Radio

This morning I had the opportunity to head in to the ABC and be interview on Alan Brough’s breakfast show. Someone on his production team saw a mention of Our Fading Past and invited me in for a chat. It was great fun, he obviously loves Melbourne and its history and he knew his stuff. It was great watching the behind the scenes goings on, the signals, the messages popping up on screens, the puzzled looks as lines went bad. I felt really comfortable chatting away and there’s no way it felt like the 20 minutes it was.

If you’re interested to hear about the signs, and Dr Morse’s Indian Root Pills, check out the segment.

Listen at 774 Melbourne | Right Click to download, click to play)

I wondered if anyone would be listening but I’ve already had several emails and new contributions and I apparently surprised both a sister and uncle when I started talking to them on their radio.

After the excitement of that we headed off to the Zoo. Rae, in her wisdom, decided we should join Friends Of The Zoo. A single trip to the zoo would cost us over $55 just to walk through gates and after spending that sort of money you’d want to stay and wander for a fair while to get your money’s worth, not an altogether practical thing with the young un’s. Having a FOTZ membership means we can skedaddle on over for an hour and then head on home. It’s going to be fantastic for weekend strolls after the market or those Fridays when I have absolutely no idea how I’ll make it through the day.

Today we got to check our the roaring lions, lazy big cats, frogs, bears (Bert was scared!), the giraffes, the tortoises and a few dozing kangaroos before the kids had had enough of their big adventure morning. I can see that we’ll get our money’s worth over the next year, Mr Henry in particular was fascinated and was most reluctant to move on from each animal.

It’s late in the day and with Rae on a weeks holiday a very lazy mood has descended on the house,. I’ve just finished a book so now it’s time to decide which one to tackle next, Iain Rankin’s latest or Shutter Island.

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  1. Great job Tony, well done.

    There’s a Wikipedia article on Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills, including a great pic of a shed in NSW advertising it.

    The four-digit phone number in Taronga Rd is actually a six digit number… the “BY” alpha prefix was part of it, and I think (from Googling around looking for pics of old Australian rotary phones) translates into 29 or 09, though the modern-day 9529 prefix is a little further west, in Prahran.

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