A,B,B,C–Me On 6 Music

I’ve been listening to 6 Music for years now, about six I think and for all that time Chris Hawkins has been their overnight, my working day, DJ. I’ve become a bit of a regular correspondent and been in charge of designing an official Early Morning Show tea towel (long story). On the show I’ve now become known as Tea Towel Tony.

This year in the lead up to Christmas they are doing a segment called Rings Around The World where each day they call up one of their international listeners and it fell upon me to represent Australia. There’s a couple of in jokes that only regular listeners would get (the tea towels, the colour orange) but it was great to finally get to talk to The Hawk after all these years. We even got to have a chat after the song started. Hopefully one day he’ll make it to Melbourne and I’ll get to shout him a drink.

If you’re interested here’s me on 6 Music.

Now I’ve been on the ABC and the BBC I should try and work my around the world until I get all the alphabet. Any Canadian readers work for the CBC?

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