Old Words

I still call CDs records, I call downloads albums. I still think of it as the Internet, not the internet. I still think of directories instead of folders so I wonder when I’ll stop referring to taping a show and start using ‘record’ instead? Considering we haven’t had a VCR for four years it may be a habit that dies hard.

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  1. I’m still trying to convince The Spouse to get a DVD recorder and to either repair or ditch the VCR that has dirty heads and gives everyone on Betamax wavy figures 😛

  2. I too am self correcting, a year or so after the vcr stopped being used. I do not tape, I record. I do no tape, I record. I recorded that. I did not tape that.

    Yep Jayne, skip the dvd recorder. Onto the pvr…wait. PVR? Personal Video Recorder? Hard drive recorder is better.

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